What's up with SUP?

Solstice Outdoors is your stand up paddleboard rental headquarters serving Ashland, Washburn and the Chequamegon Bay region. Stand up paddle boarding or SUP for short is an old sport that is now one of the fastest growing watersports.  Join the revolution and experience gliding across the water and ride a wave or two!

Five reasons why you must try it:

It’s quick and easy to learn. Anyone can do it.

It’s super fun to do solo or grab a board and have the whole family give it a try

It’s a great cross training workout for bikers, skiers, runners…

It requires a minimal amount of equipment to get on the water whether that’s an inland lake or the Lake Superior.

You can’t lay on the beach all day!

Here are a few basics to get you started with your new Rogue Stand Up Paddle board or one of our rental boards.

How to get on the board:

Start by laying your paddle across the top of the board on the foot pad. Kneel on the board and find your center. Pick up the paddle and start to paddle.  If you paddle on the right side your right hand will be lower on the shaft of the paddle. Paddle until you find your balance.

How to stand up:

Once you feel stable place your paddle across the front of the board, position your hands on the pad parallel to your knees, grab your paddle and stand up. The front of the board shouldn’t be out of the water. If it is reposition yourself further forward.

How to paddle:

Put a little bend in your knee and place the paddle elbow out and dig into the water using your whole body, not just your arms. Start paddling at the front of the board and move to your feet. The shorter the strokes and the faster you go the easier it is to balance. To paddle in a line you’ll need to switch sides every few strokes. To turn do a standard sweep stroke.

Where to go:

It’s easiest to start on calm water. Many of our area inland lakes such as Long Lake or Lake Owen are perfect for paddling along the shoreline. On a calm day, Chequamegon Bay is also a great place to practice gliding across the water.  Lake Superior can is easily accessed from Main Street via the Pearson Plaza Park to the 6th Street Beach. Our picks include Maslowski Beach in Ashland and Bayview Beach outside of Washburn, WI.