Did you know...shopping local is where it's at!

Did you know…Solstice does layaway; gift wraps any item for free and ships anywhere? Shopping local is where it’s at for easy, affordable gift giving this holiday. Small Business Saturday Nov 24

Since opening Solstice Outdoors in 2011 we’ve gotten great feedback from the community that it’s nice and convenient to have another place to shop locally for quality outdoor clothing and gear. However, we are still surprised by the perception that shopping locally is more expensive.  We want you to know it isn’t. Shopping locally isn’t always more expensive. Why? Well, as a consumer ourselves we want to get the best price we can and not feel like we overpaid. You have options and we know that, but sometimes the best price isn’t online or at a big box store. More often than not, the best price, unique selection, customer service and shopping experience are on a corner of Main Street in downtown Ashland. As an independent retailer we never want to overcharge you our customers. We value your patronage and your continued business. If we overcharge you, you won’t be back and we know that.  

Want more options? Yes, we can’t stock everything, so if we don’t have it just ask. We’d be happy to order and item for you and cover the cost of shipping for you.  If we can’t get a particular item we usually point you in the right direction. In addition, to good service, easy returns and added bonuses like gift wrapping and layaway shopping locally is good for you and good for our community!