How to recycle fuel canisters


Ever wonder how to recycle those empty fuel canisters? This primer from MSR walks you through the four easy steps…

  1. Make sure the canister is totally empty. You should use all the gas for cooking – it’s better to burn the hydrocarbons than release them.

  2. If you think there could be some gas left you can purge it by attaching your stove, inverting it, and opening the valve. This will allow any remaining gas to leave the canister. Make sure you’re clear of any potential flame or source of sparks while doing this.

  3. Once you’re sure the canister is empty, you need to puncture it so it meets recycling requirements. You don’t need a special tool to do this just puncture it with a can opener or a sharp object like a screwdriver or an ice axe. Don’t use a saw because it can create sparks that will ignite remaining fuel. You don’t need to remove the valve to meet mixed metal requirements.

  4. Now, deposit your canister where mixed metals are accepted.

Layering 101

The key to outdoor cold weather comfort is layers. Consider your activity level and length you'll be outside to determine the weight of insulation needed. The best of of layering is the ability to add and remove layers to regulate your temperature for the duration of your activity.

Base Layer, insulation and weather protection are the three keys to layering effectively. You'll be ready to get out there!


Gals & Gears Women's Mountain Bike Clinic

Solstice Outdoors, Ashland Parks and RecreationNew Moon Ski and Bike, Chequamegon Food Co-p, Riverbrook, Silver Creek Construction, Bay City Cycles, and Mt. Ashwabay are excited to announce the Gals and Gears Mountain Bike Clinic June 28th at Mount Ashwabay! 

Register Here! See you there! 

Gals and Gears.jpg

We've got sole

Solstice Outdoors has partnered with Dimmi Shoes to bring another great footwear option to our customers. Dimmi are shoes with the sole purpose of funding medical research and care. 100% of the profits from Dimmi shoes are donated to medical causes including hospitals, research centers, and associations. Now that's something to feel good about!

Solstice Outdoors Goes Global

From Ashland, Wisconsin to New Zealand our customers are on the move!

Thanks to Cyndy G. for sending us this beautiful photo with her Solstice clothing and gear in action while hiking on the Milford Track in New Zealand.  Love the Osprey COMET day pack!


Want us to feature you on our blog? Email us a photo of your Solstice clothing and gear in use and where it's been. We'd love to see where your adventures take you.

The Go-To Adventure Travel Bag

The Patagonia Blackhole Duffel is the perfect go anywhere bag for weekend trips or a week long trip when you need a super durable water resistant bag. Plus the duffel doubles as a backpack which makes it easy to check onto a plane, throw into a boat then on to your back for a short hike to your next destination.  It’s also the perfect bag when it’s raining, muddy and your taxi cab is a golf cart.

The duffel comes in three sizes 60L, 90L and 120L and fits fishing rod cases, snorkels, or just about anything. All three sizes are now available at Solstice for your next adventure!