Solstice Staff Picks

Sarah's Favorite Things... 

 So I’m all for whiskers on kittens and crisp apple strudels, but I also have a few Favorite things that can be had at Solstice Outdoors this season (sorry no strudel!)…

*First off I’ll take any pair of cute and supremely functional Smartwool socks, but I really love to cozy up in a classy pair of their Ultra Comfy Tights

*Water Bottles just met their coolest member with the Bamboo Bottle made of nearly inexhaustible resources of bamboo and glass. It’s safe and uber stylish!  Plus it comes apart with ease making cleaning a cinch

*My seasonal choice for a new winter outer layer is the Patagonia Nano Puff jacket.  A wind-blocking, moisture-shedding , 100% recycled polyester shell holds a low-bulk PrimaLoft insulation layer that would keep me super toasty and dry (Prima Loft, unlike down, doesn’t stop heating you up when wet) when skiing or snowshoeing round the Bay this winter

* Of course, I’m going to need to accessorize with my new Nano Puff jacket with pretty much any of the super cute winter hats by Pistil or Ambler.

* Also wishing for some beautiful mitts by Lost Horizons knitted by a guild of Nepalese women who gain a valuable source of income from this cottage industry.

*In the gear department I think a MSR Miniworks Ex Microfilter Water Filtration System would treat me well when out on the trail.  Its compact size and non-disposable ceramic element make it a packable and eco-savvy backcountry option for clean hydration.

*For a little trail luxury, I’m jones-ing for the Thermarest Fitted Sheet  Set.  Since the only time I can run a marathon is apparently in my sleep, a smooth and cuddly base layer on my sleeping pad would keep me resting comfortably when I’m twisting and turning the night away in tent overnight  expeditions.

*Lastly the Manduka Blackmat PRO is the Cadillac of mats and this yogini wants to test drive the joint-supporting thickness and superior wear that this blingy mat can provide!

Well folks these are just some of my top choices from Solstice Outdoors for the 2011 holiday season, but there’s lots more goodies in store so stop by and shop for yourself.

We might even be able to wrap it up for you in brown paper packages tied up with string!