Thursday Run Club FAQ's!

All of your run club questions answered right here:

Runners unite! Join us for Run Club Kick-Off on Thursday April 17th at 5:30 p.m. Join us for a run followed by some samples of nutrition products, a cook out, and a new “runners reward” program!

Despite the snow still on the ground, it’s getting to be that time of year: racing season! You may have seen some crazy runners out running all winter long. Yup, that was us. We have had so much fun together that we want to extend an invitation out to the community for more runners to join in on the fun! What is run group all about anyway? I’m glad you asked….

Q: How far do you run?

A: We run a variety of distances between 2 and 5ish miles.

Q: How fast do you run?

A: You set your own pace and there’s usually someone to run with that is at a similar pace. There’s a core group of regulars that usually run between 8:30 and 9:30 minute mile pace but we have folks who run 10:00 and 11:00 paces as well.

Q: Where do you run?

A: This depends on the season. In the winter we run main roads to include Sanborn, Maple Lane, and Beaser. In the summer we incorporate the 5th Street Corridor and Lakefront trail as much as possible.

Q: What if I don’t remember the route?

A: We have maps and verbal directions and you will probably be running with another person. Plus there’s always different distances on each route.

Q: I’m new to running, can I still show up?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Some of us were new runners when we started as well. We make every attempt to make everyone comfortable when they are new. We will introduce new people to everyone else and see what distance and pace you are comfortable with and try to pair you up with someone who runs a similar pace. This doesn’t always happen because it depends on who shows up but we make an effort!

Q: Is everyone training for a race?

A: Individually we all are usually working towards something but not necessarily as a group.

Q: I am interested in training for Whistlestop and want to join a training group. Do you have those?

A: Sure do. We team up with Ignite Fitness across the street to offer a Whistlestop 10K and Half Marathon Training Program. Check the website later in the spring for details. These usually start in July.

Q: Can I still run on Thursday nights even if I’m in a training program?

A: Of course! The more the merrier! Plus you can get a bonus group run in and meet new people.

Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: Bring all your friends!

Q: Can I bring my dog(s)?

A: We love dogs! As long as they are decent on a leash and don’t trip up the other runners! We have dog treats in the store for post run puppy refreshments!

Q: Are there human refreshments?

A: Sure are! We have water and a sport drink available after the run.

Q: Do I have to pay or sign up or anything?

A: Nope! Just show up, run, and be awesome

Q: When and what time again?

A: Thursdays 5:30 rain or shine

Q: Do you ever cancel for weather?

A: Great question – it rarely happens but if we feel it’s actually dangerous out there (ex. Lightening, freezing rain) we will post on Facebook that we are canceling. (Yes, some of the regulars run in snowstorms and flash floods)

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